Camino de Santiago Packing List

Just pack up and go!

The Camino de Santiago is a life-changing experience for most, we know many people that were planning this pilgrimage for years, preparing, reading, training. To make sure you enjoy it, take the right gear, don’t overload your backpack, have comfortable shoes that you can walk in for days, etc. We learned this during our own painful experience. We’ve completed several different Caminos de Santiago routes. We’re planning to continue our Camino saga in the nearest future.

Camino Packing List Checklist

Fill in the packing list checklist below according to your needs. Or you can download ir, print it and hang it up on a wall to see.

In-Depth Camino Packing List


Passport or an ID

Must have.

Camino Passport

Can get at the start of Camino.

Credit Card or Money

Realy useful to have.



Best Backpacks for Women
Best Backpacks for Men

Hiking Shoes

Best Shoes for Women
Best Shoes for Men

Sleeping Bag

Quick-Dry Towel

Water Bottle

Sleeping Bag Liner


Whatever electronics you decide to take with you, check out for more useful electric devices.


Get your phone.


Get your phone’s charger.

Power Adapter

Power Bank



EBook Reader

Sim Card

Make sure you have one that will work for you in Spain or get one there.





Any shirt will literally do. Pick up a few and throw them in your backpack.


You will need pants, unless you are planning to do the Camino in summer, then opt for shorts.





You can literally pick any underwear and you’ll be fine.


We have compiled a review of the best socks for Camino de Santiago.

Sock Liners

Consider using socks liners.


Sunglasses are essential for Camino, because the Spanish sun can be very harsh. Consider bringing a good pair of hiking sunglasses.

First Aid Kit & Medicine

First Aid Kit


Alcohol Pads

Get some alcohol pads.


Get some anti-diarrhea drugs.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

Get some Ibuprofen.



See deodorant options.

Lip Balm

Definitely have lip balm.

Body Wash

Body wash.



Get travel shampoo.

Toiletry Bag

Any bag will do.

Tooth Paste

Get travel tooth paste.

Tooth Brush

Get your or a travel tooth brush.

Travel Manicure Set

Mosquito Repellent

Hand Sanitizer

Get hand sanitizer.

Humid Tissues

Get humid tissues.


Get sunscreen.

Hand/Body Cream

Get hand cream.


Get a razor.


Take your hairbrush.

Extra Items

Swiss Knife

Ear Plugs

Eye Mask for Sleeping

Small Padlock

Get a small travel padlock.


Really not necessary but you can get a travel clothesline.


Not necessary but take a few pegs.


Get insoles if you need.

Sewing Kit

Passport & Money Hide

You can get one passport & money hider.

Trekking Poles

Bed Bug Spray

Some people get that.

Guide Book & Maps

Check out our guide for the best guide books for Camino, but if you are in a hurry and going to walk Camino Frances we recommend to opt for A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago by John Brierley

Book about Camino

You can add a book about Camino for your inspiration. We have compiled a list of the best Camino books as well.

For Off-Season

Thermal Pants

Get men’s thermal pants or women’s thermal pants.

Thermal Shirt

Get men’s thermal shirt or women’s thermal shirt.


Get a warm beanie.


Leg Gaiters

Consider getting leg gaiters.


Don’t forget gloves.

Warm Socks

Get some thick socks.

Best Apps for Camino de Santiago

Other Resources for Camino de Santiago

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